Thursday, April 13, 2017

You Can't Do What Bernie Really Wants To Do...

...With the Democratic Party involved. At least not as that party is constituted presently.

And what Bernie really wants to do is Socialism, of one form or another; something that's quite understandable with the way Capitalism usually treats basic human needs. The problem is, trying to mold Capitalism in some way so as to accommodate true socialism just doesn't work very well; especially when the rest of the world is likely to stick with very competitive Capitalism. You are very quickly put into the position where balancing costs, equitably distributing payment burdens, and still remain competitive, without also controlling profits (without capital then running away from under you), is not something meant for high probabilities of success.

Then you add the further problem of what doing more attempts at reform always do now, put more turbulence into very complex systems; turbulence that spreads out in waves through the multi dimensional matrix we call an economy, causing ever more unanticipated events of collateral damage. Which then create even greater problems needing to be fixed, with further inputs of instability just feeding on itself on growing waves of cascade effect.

My wish would be for such well intentioned, and smart, people like Mr. Sanders would be to step back and consider the larger implications of what is really going on with our problem with Capitalism. The very fact that, as a product of 18th and 19th century typographic thinking (linear, one thing at a time, segmentation; residing in Newtonian, as opposed to Einstein, physical, and meaning, space), it no longer has any of its original validity remaining. Not now that we've infused ourselves into an electro, turbocharged, multi dimensional matrix of interaction, effect, and more interaction.

It would be a system that wouldn't make any sense any more even if it hadn't been mutated by the technology it helped to create. We find that simple fact hard to see precisely because the mutation is resplendent with not only narcotics for every imagination, but with intrigues for every desire, as well as excess beyond any means of resistance.

In point of fact then we need to be rid of it. And the sooner the better. My sincere hope is that people are going to be more and more receptive to this notion. It's up to people in intelligentsia, business, and politics, to help that notion develope.

Bernie Sanders -- Democrats Win If We Mobilize And Educate