Monday, April 3, 2017

A Public Works Project That Would Really Make A Difference

The talk In DC will shift soon to public works projects, and you can bet the usual things will be trotted out. Highways. Bridges. Water systems etc. And at least some of these will, hopefully, be good ideas. I would like to put my own suggestions out however. Two to be exact that would help both our security, and our energy needs, with side benefits for our relations with the rest of the world.

I have already posted quite often on the idea of sea based, Yen Tornado turbines. That would be the first suggestion. The second is one I've only posted a few times on, but for which I still believe has great potential value, and that was my design for a hybrid dirigible blimp; a transportation system that would give our military, and our emergency logistic needs, a big boost.

Now. Why would you want these kinds of (relatively) new technologies to be public works projects? First because energy should become a national, public utility, just like Seattle did with a bunch of dams in the Pacific Northwest, and second, we need a national public transportation utility as well; something, say, to take over from the railroads to do cross country mass transit. And I can make that claim, in just that fashion, because I believe we can have my hybrids linked as trains.

The beauty of this is, if we kept this organized within, say, the Army Corp of engineers, to do the design (with a little, outside, aeronautical engineering help perhaps), and management, we could then hire the unemployed as public works workers to do the actual manufacturing, and assembly; all of which could be spread out over a wide number of states, and I say that because we might need not only a large number of the sea based support structures I've outlined, and wind collection columns, to create liquid hydrogen, but also a lot of the hybrid dirigibles too; as, aside from a lot of people carriers, point to point, airborne delivery of a cryogenic fuel, especially to non coastal states, might be pretty useful as well.

The other beauty of this is that nobody makes a profit (I have no financial interest in any this, in case you were wondering) off something that is automatically beneficial to the unemployed, as well as to the rest of the nation, so we wouldn't be paying for that. You'd be using open source ideas to accomplish green focused solutions to very important problems, and in the bargain, give us further options to start coordinated actions with key players in the rest of the world; as in giving the United Nations a solid means of logistics for its own needs. With that, and the hydrogen fuel as well, perhaps we could forge both world public power, and transportation utilities, building a foundation for the ultimate cooperation of the exploration of the cosmos.

Yeah, I know. That's the talk of a dreamer. I make no apologies for it. It is what it is. None of which changes the fact that it is a pretty damn good dream if you give it a chance; seeing the plausibility of the individual pieces. After that all it takes is just a bit of audacity, and you are off on the road to something really fantastic. And it's something for our benefit entirely, as opposed to some pan national corporate entity, or grossly powerful individual.

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