Friday, April 7, 2017

Every Reason She gives Here Was An Important Factor...

...In her loss to our now de facto ex president. Having said that, however, doesn't change the fact that she ran an entirely uninspiring campaign. Which shouldn't be surprising given how uninspiring the Democrats have been for years now. But then, what else can you expect from a party that's been not a whole lot more than Republican light since her husband was president (at the very least).

The real question we have to ask ourselves is what would have happened if Bernie Sanders had been able to run a real Independent campaign (with at least, even reluctant, Democratic support). Would somebody, speaking with a good deal more economic authority, as well as compassionate passion, have been able to catch the ears of those under employed white folks who voted for the terrible Mr. T? Someone who could have articulated the real contrast of a rich man pandering to their interests, as opposed to a man who would have not only made a great cover boy for "Sincere Public Servant Illustrated," but who could also have explained it in detail without any sense of hypocrisy?

In my opinion he would have won despite the Russian hacking, but the point is moot in any case. We'll never know for sure. And even if Sanders had won we'd still be (at least) knee deep in "getting to the bottom of things" as far as their machinations in our affairs is concerned. At least there, though, you could be forgiven for thinking we'd have a lot more focused approach to getting to that bottom, and a lot more consistency in putting the Russians on notice that actions have consequences.

And as I have already pointed out, if one were imaginative at all, one could come up with ways to make current economic sanctions have a lot more bite than they have now. The only problem being that, besides imagination, you also have to have a clear grasp not only for the need of utilizing global partnerships, but of always looking for new ways to create, and strengthen them. Because, if we had such better partnerships, maybe we could negotiate more stringent tariffs on everything the Russians sell. And if we could organize that properly we could use that money to start building real solutions to the horrendous refugee crisis that is now facing the world. And wouldn't that just be giving the Russians a rich sense of being hoisted on their own pittard.

Time will tell here, as it always does, but one thing is for sure, one way or another, we need to be quite clear on making one Mr. V. Putin not be Vlad the glad for what's been done to us.

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