Thursday, April 27, 2017

Economic Insanity Inside An Insane Economic System

Ok. Enough talk about supply side economics. Or any more of the fact that the silly notion ever had a rats ass chance in cat heaven at actually achieving what was advertised of it (saving itself, which is what they mean when they say paying for itself, let alone even having any thought of saving any of the rest of us).

Let's talk about what Capitalist formed tax plans are really all about. Simply stated, they are about putting more juice into the fix that a certain group of capital holders are now getting. Which group of capital holders you might be talking about is now what might well be the only new game in town in what constitutes reliable competition (as already posted, the nominal kind of competition now has become a chaotic miasma of none, too little, or too much).

The big two shaping up so far seem to be the "Fortress America" group (favoring protectionism, and America first in all things), and the Internationalists, who favor pan national corporations, and the absolute free flow of capital, and goods, across all, supposed, borders.

Whatever their differences, though, both groups mainline money like no junkie could ever dream of doing the street junk of choice. And make no mistake. These kinds of flow produce a rush from just getting more of it that would rival even the newest opioid; and that doesn't even begin to talk about the rush that also comes from being able to express ever more of "your" will over that many more of everybody else.

It goes without saying that none of these people has any desire, let alone the ability, to step back and see the bigger issue at play. These are addicts after all. They see what their addiction lets them see, and that's mostly about keeping the pipeline open, and growing. Because the last rush always demands that the next be based on the presumptive "more."

We, on the other hand, are meant to be addicts of a more traditional sense; as to say product junkies so that we can be kept on the wage treadmill to nowhere. And that might have worked for quite a while were it not for all of the, collecting, collateral damage that's created as an ongoing process reality. Unpaid costs to the environment. Unpaid social necessities costs. And of course, the simple fact of a shrinking planet resource wise. But that's not the immediate show stopper, surprising as that may be (we're being cooked in our own economic cooking pot, and we know it, but still do so little about it), because what's puT a real burr in everyone's saddle is the fact that us working addicts can't stay competitive in the skills markets of the world now. And what's to do with all of those ordinary addicts with no "marketable" skill? Will it be a return to Debtors Prison? Indentured Slavery? Maybe even rethinking the actual economics of "Soylent Green (it could be cheap animal feed for important export crops you know)?"

Crazy, right? Just crazy speculation. But with anything any more now, crazy as compared to what exactly?

The bottom line as far as actual economics goes is that, yes, of course this tax plan makes no sense. How has creating a huge amounts of more national debt, just to give a big drug fix to a few, ever made sense. It hasn't. Unless you've become the very cynical version of a fiscal Conservative that is. Perhaps then, knowing full well that it doesn't make sense, you push for it precisely because it will bring Big Government to its knees simply by weighing it down with a debt servicing payment not even God could afford to pay. In that end it, so the hope goes, it will have to give up its big spending ways and do only the "good" things you've always intended for it to do.

What is called for here is not going on with business as usual. What is called for is The Mother of All Interventions (or #MOAI). We must stop being occupied as we have before and intervene (occupying ourselves, with ourselves, in the process). We must demand a stop to the real problem: That the economic operating system we've had for so long now is making us all crazier than monkeys flinging feces in a surgery. It must stop. It must be replaced. And we must all stop working as usual to make it happen.

The bottom line here is cold turkey all the way around, but there's simply nothing else for it. It is either that difficult confrontation, with a lot of cold realities to deal with, or we just go on with crazy inside of crazy, resonating and galloping away from any further resort to reality at all. Perhaps your addiction will make it bearable enough; perhaps it will not, especially if it is suddenly taken away from you. Time will tell certainly but I am just glad that I am as old as I am. Given the current probabilities I take some comfort in the knowledge that I likely won't live to see how bad it can really get.
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