Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Web, And Our Use Of It...

...Will always be in danger of exploitation, and theft as long as information and money are the same thing, and the primary motivator in the world is profit, and net gain.

The electrification of Capitalism has turned it into a mutated monster of manipulation, lies and obfuscation so that the interests of a few capital accumulators are served at the expense of every other norm of human need. All in the name of continuing the economics of scarcity so that abstract counters, and arbitrary markets, can keep functioning in their role to keep these people inordinately powerful.

And now we are left to wonder whether Democracy can continue to survive or not.

As the Tech world knows only too well, no operating system remains relevant indefinitely. You can fix it, and update it, only so much before the accumulation of changes, on top of the already existent complexity, makes further changes an exercise in just creating more problems, in addition to what was intended to be fixed in the first place. How they can continue to ignore this rule when it comes to our current economic operating system is a testament either to their own monetary corruption, or a lethal disinterest one can only speculate on. One can only hope this will change before it is too late.

Tim Berners-Lee, Inventor of the Web, Plots a Radical Overhaul of His Creation

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"As long as the traffic is real and the ads are being served to real people," ad networks will accept fake news sites, according to one publisher.

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