Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Constitutional Convention Might Be More Likely Than You Think.

We need to start organizing now to take advantage of it.

They think that money will buy them insulated control of our political system. We need to embrace this challenge and meet them head on, swarming state houses with the same passion, and pressure we've shown at town meetings. We need to do this to pull Capitalism out from under them. That means taking on the threat that too much money in too few hands has created by demanding a completely new alternative.

I've already outlined how we'd need to use just such a convention to make a change to an alternative possible. (see here as well) Now we need to accelerate getting ready for demanding an alternative because if we don't take charge of where unavoidable big changes are going, we will be run over by them. Face up to the fact that you can't take money out of politics unless you put it inside a new economic operating system; a system that doesn't need money any more.

Think long and hard on this one folks. You think a lot of basic needs have gone a begging now? Just wait till Big Money buys a new Bill of Rights.

Right-Wing Billionaires Are Buying Themselves a New Constitution

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