Saturday, April 8, 2017

This Is Just One More Reason Why We Must Partner...

...With the Chinese.

With the extreme weather that is coming they will need our help just as much as we will need their help in finding ways to protect areas of great productive capability, all over the globe. We need to do this because the world will need all of these areas to prosper if humanity as a whole is to survive long enough to start stepping off the planet in any significant way.

And make no mistake. In the long run stepping off the planet in a big way is the only strategy by which we will ultimately ameliorate the pressures we're placing on our world. After all, too many people is, by definition, more than is survivable, no matter how green you make your economies; even assuming we all get rid of wasteful Capitalism, which is not something one should assume casually.

Just another reason why being proactive, and taking leadership in forging partnerships with our global trading partners is in our own self interest. Something that taking the simplistic notion of a "American First" stance, as such people indulge in the fantasy of an America isolating itself in some kind of literal, and figurative, bunker, seems too willfully ignorant to appreciate.

In the Pearl River Delta, breakneck development is colliding with the effects of climate change.