Friday, April 7, 2017

As I Have Said Before, What Occupies You...

...Is the real problem in America today. And that is most definitely not meaningful connection, or a direct stake in determining what your choices are. Because now you are occupied mostly by distraction, and narrow focus. And assuming you do have a nominal job, most of your attention gets placed on protecting what is important to it; just like most of the rest of working America. While at the same time, job or not, you live totally awash in the commercialized info sphere of the globe; engineered messaging designed specifically with "net gain" the primary motivator so that manipulation is guaranteed to be pretty much dominate.

What working people need to do is stop living inside of the "factory mentality" of social organization and truly occupy where they live in a completely integrated way; which is no more than to say to take charge of their own means of production, and distribution, so that we can leave our current obsolete economic operating system at the recycling center for reclamation.

I have outlined a starting point for what that more integrated approach to living would look like. The rest of you are going to have to start thinking about making a very important choice, while you still can. Do you want to remain occupied as you are, or will you step off of the "treadmill to nowhere" you are currently on? Will you take matters into your own hands as you ought to?

The clock is ticking.


For the last twenty five years, young Americans haven’t been able to get a raise — even with a college degree.

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