Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Will We Make Every Consequence of Our Actions Illegal?

How has come to be that we would fall to not only so little compassion for the  plight of others, but that we would also use laws to try to make the outcomes of our mistakes go away? Will we also pass a law to make those who remind us, via criticism, of same, illegal? Will any information that reminds us of same be made illegal as well?

This is not to say, of course, that all immigrants are necessarily so because of our mistakes; but do we really want to be setting up more bureaucracy to try and sift through that morass? It is certainly a complicated world, and a great deal happens because of the stupid, and/or destructive, choices of other national groups, but to try to sit in judgement of where our responsibility ends, and that of others begins, when people are suffering at our door step, is immorality of more than just a significant degree.

The real problem here, as it is with so many issues we face, is that our thinking, and imagination, is crippled by the blinders of "what will cost, and who is going to pay for it." Blinders that make it so easy for those individuals, who have become so adept at avoiding paying for much of anything that doesn't benefit them at great net gain, to convince the rest of us that, not only is this suffering not our problem, but that those who would have the gall to sit outside our doors to remind us of their need, are no more than shiftless freeloaders, wanting nothing more than unlimited access to our wallets.

The Icon of Scrooge was created for a reason you know. One wonders how long it will be before even that bit of culture will be made illegal as well.

We are connected to each other as a species whether we like it or not, just as the rest of life on this planet is interconnected. The very real energy of that web of interconnections, and all of the vital processes that flow from it, so many of which we still don't fully understand, is fucked with at our peril. At our peril at so many levels of not only the practical sorts of consideration, but of the equally important sorts of spirit, and soul and our ability to love in the first place. Ignore that and it won't be long before love will be seen as a completely impractical endeavor on a cost benefit analysis, if it already hasn't. And make no mistake. Ignoring love at our scale of existance will affect the elemental embrace at every other scale.

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