Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Let's Let Tump Pick Our Next SCOTUS Justice

Things have gotten so crazy here that I think it's time we embrace what we really are. Let's let Trump win the Presidency, and then demand that he pick Dr. Phil, because God knows we could use a televised intervention.

And lest you scoff at this too little, let me remind you that the good doctor was brought to the attention of Opera because of the legal consultancy he was part of in Texas (Courtroom Sciences, Inc); this in conjunction with the Amarillo Beef trial, and her need for help in preparing for her testimony.

Can you think of a more fitting way for two larger than life egos to adjudicate the problems of our propensity for mass delusion? And what better way to leverage finally getting cameras into our highest court?

Just think of it. Dr. Phil could not only have Brittany Spears as one of the guest commentators sitting in the audience, he could balance that with the Donald ready to shout out "You're Fired." to any of the other Justices risking a ratings buzz kill by trying to talk about the facts of a case. Then think about how good this new dynamic duo could make us feel about ourselves by humiliating whoever the litigants were. It would be a ratings bonanza ready to sell us on whatever the two of them thought we ought to be sold on.

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