Sunday, February 28, 2016

Isolationism and the Threat of Every Nation Circling the Wagons

Great Briton may pull out of the European Union. This resonates with the "head up his ass" foreign policy of Donald Trump. It is also starting to resonate among quite a few other countries of the developed world. And however understandable that might be from a view point of short term self interest, it in no way offers any kind of real solution to the causitive issues that will remain regardless of the types of barriers we erect around us.

Whatever the wall is made of, and no matter how high you build it, the chaos that is fermenting about the world will not be kept out. The "contagion" in this case is not simply the bad choices of others, and their own economic failures, though those certainly are in the mix. The real problem here is both a history of colonialism, an economic model brought to full fruition by the West, and the fact that it cannot continue within a limited planetary ecosystem, any more than it still makes sense now that electrified experience retrieval has made a mockery out of the idea of human skill as a commodity. There's also what it has done to the free flow of information now that information must follow the same path of net gain that money does, but I don't want to get too far off my primary point here.

The fact of the matter is that the tensions that are building up around us, and of which a lot of desperate people seeking safe haven is but one, threaten the planet itself, with a laundry list of cascade event scenarios that would end quite badly for everyone on the planet. Any walls built as a last ditch attempt to protect ourselves from the suffering outside them will only serve as one last monument to our stupidity.

The only way humanity is going to survive as a species is if it can find a way to tollerate the many aspecs of its diversity to work cooperatively. Everybody has ample reason to either be distasteful of, hateful of, or susicious of, one or more of the "others" that populate the planet. And whether it be from blasphemy, evil, immorality, greed or various other forms of stupidity is irrelavent. Clawing at each others throats, even as the beautiful structure nature took billions of years to create crumbles around us, won't change a damn thing. In the end it will serve only to certify that we couldn't even keep the hell on earth we created going.

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