Friday, February 12, 2016

The Problem is, That's the Problem

I am growing fonder of one of the toss off lines in my "Chelsea Does Philosophy" screenplay post. You see it here in the title of this one.

A one issue candidate may seem like a rather narrowly focused individual, where aspirations of being president are concerned. It's certainly a no brainer that there many pressing issues facing us now as a nation, and each has its own litany of injustice, and/or suffering, to sustain its being ranked highly in any hierarchy of priorities.

The problem, though, really does get complicated by the one factor they all share: the inordinate amount of power that Big Money wields in not only thwarting solutions to virtually all of them, but in how it also often works quite diligently at making them worse.

But the problem with the problem of this situation as expressed by even Mr. Sanders, is that it does not want to recognize the real "primary" problem all developed nations now face. You can't continue to support the economic model that makes "Big Money" possible if you truly want to do something about the inordinate power of same.

And please bear in mind here that its not just that a model, born of the mechanistic thinking of typography, that's been mutated by the electrified environments of instant information flow. It is also the effect on how we think, and conceive, of the world around us, that have been changed as well. Now we must contend with multi dimensional matrices of simultaneous interaction. Realities of integration that make the subtle interdependencies in complex systems a given. The old economic model is simply flying apart under the strain, and we are made ever more crazy as well.

Recognizing that elephant in the room has proven to be quite discomforting for pretty much everybody; myself included (where I've had my own little comic opera of tragedy, bouncing around in various states of disbelief, terror, and feeling sorry for myself; I still can't believe that this fell to me to try and articulate, or that I stumbled over it in the first place. It's certainly been out there for everyone to see after all).

The real bottom line here is the actual "primary" choice we've been avoiding for far too long. Will we choose to do something about the need for a fundamentally new way to go about living now, or will we continue to live in that river in Egypt; waiting for the final conflagration of willful ignorance, and damned fools, that so many of same have been fantasizing about for so long. There's tragedy and injustice of the first order for you.

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