Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Primaries as Primarily Bull Shit

A win isn't a win. A loss isn't a loss. Perhaps a win can be worse than a loss if the exit polling isn't saying whatever they ought to be saying. Perhaps a loss can be better than a win when whatever numbers beat whatever expectations?

And in all of this there is still a "Decision" for you to make of great importance... Well... Perhaps in that they may be right after all, but it in no way involves who you choose to be President.

The one thing to remember here is that, as far as both political parties are concerned, your participation is important only to the degree that advertisers bring in focus groups to better understand what sells and what doesn't. One actually wonders why voting is involved at all when the real numbers are provided by the exit polling.

The real decision we face here, as we face on any other day, election or no election, is what really occupies you now? Is it distraction or is it an actual involvement in the creation of priorities, and the means to address those priorities?

The secret they hide in plain sight is that they would never dream of letting you sit at that table. And, truth be told, a lot of us are pretty stupid. How else could one lead a Trump Chump army otherwise? But isn't that to be expected when information, as a valued commodity, has to be handed out to the advantage of the holder of such accumulations? As opposed to the rubes on the receiving end, who are just marks better kept in the dark in any case?

Let us be clear on one fact however. You are responsible for making this decision. It is you who are going to be left owning what comes of it all. Just as you are responsible for remaining to be a stupid rube.