Sunday, February 14, 2016

It's a Wrestle Mania Smackdown of Epic Proportions

You know, it's just a wonder to me why Trump doesn't come on stage in spangled tight trunks, an outlandish fur Robe, and a mask made of the finest, treated bull scrotum skin; perhaps with a hat adorned with the silkiest of virgin pubic hair (anything would look better than what he sports now).

God only knows what the rest of them would wear but you can bet on one thing for sure. Their costumed personas wouldn't even begin to match the sheer audacity of outrageousness his would. Any more than their pre-fight smack talk would even ruffle the air around him.

This is, as Bill Maher has said, a con man of the first order who knows how to work a crowd of rubes. He's even got his own version of rope a dope down so pat that he's got his fellow Republicans calling him a closet Liberal now. Pure gold when he finally goes up against Hillary or Sanders, perhaps providing just enough misdirection to gain more of the so called "independents."

The fact of the matter, of course, is that there is nothing of real substance inside this man. Other than, perhaps, an ego bigger than Texas, and the underlying assumption that making the rubes by into your own inflated view of yourself will always mean more brand marketability further down the road. I say this because I have this feeling that he couldn't care less if he actually wins the presidency or not. He might, in fact, not want that job at all. It's a lot of actual work after all, and no matter what you might accomplish, assuming anything has actually occurred to him to try accomplishing in the first place, a good portion of the nation will end up being fed up with you, and your brand.

The thing is, nobody expected him to get this far. How much is he going to lose whoever the Democrats put forth. The system's rigged. He didn't really have the full support of the Republican Party, etc, etc. The face saving outs will be a dime a dozen for an ego like that, and the brand will go on being famous because he is famously fond of staying well branded. And boy does he know how to keep his core audience of rubes spell bound.

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