Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Another Day in the Endless Cycle of News

Another day. Another litany of so much going on. So many things juxtaposed to each other.

Is the fact that a few people, in one or more states, might be the big deal on this day, or any other day? And regardless of who they indicate should win whatever?

The easy answer is to simply say, perhaps. We've left a lot of wiggle room there after all.

Then, of course, you also have to consider if the win itself is the big deal, or that the reasons for why these people are allowing this person to win has so little to do with whether a rich person, or a potential buffoon of a rich person, would have any reason to truly represent their interests at all; especially when so many of them, as the article clearly points out, live in a reality of so little income. Which then begs the question: Who's the more out of touch with reality. The people who cover these events, or those who think this man will improve their lives? Indeed, do any of them really think that in the first place?

Maybe the big deal is not only how, but why, making them feel good about themselves for a short time is all that really matters, because he is certainly good at that, whatever else you might think of him. Maybe they actually do know, at some level at least, that it doesn't matter who wins; nothing of substance will change. The salient fact at work here is that he stopped by for a while, put on a good show of recognizing them, as well as their problems, and they got to feel some importance for their participation in a meaningless choice. After all some of them get to be on TV for a moment or two. And questions get asked of many, whether on TV or not, as if the answers really carried great weight. And what a lovely high that can be, however fleeting.

Election cycle after election cycle we go through this astounding process and only vaguely recognize how little of substance changes each time. But still, the "big deal" will be who won. Truly astounding.