Saturday, February 20, 2016

Drug Side Effects and the Politics of Social Pain Post Addendum

Talk about your unintended side affects. And I don't mean just the overdosing, as serious addiction sure seems to me to fit the bill.

This sort of thing begs the question in my mind about that ridiculous list of cautionary disclaimers that the drug ad fast talkers fire off. Are we soon to get things like: "your dick may fall off. You may cough up a lung;  Your luggies may contain significant clots of brain tissue. You may shit major portions of the lower bowel, and if you notice the tendency to either blow your brains out with a gun, or waste as many people as it takes to purchase your next dose, please let your doctor know ASAP. Be sure he will have another drug to prescribe that will address those symptoms as well. After all, isnt't that what you call modern living through chemistry.

Anxiety Drug Overdoses Have Quadrupled Over Last Two Decades, Study Finds