Thursday, February 11, 2016

And People Who Make Mistakes Without Taking Ownership

I bring this painful reminder of how a good portion of us still die to illustrate the point that, bad as foreign enemies might be in doing us harm, we still do a great deal of same to ourselves. And yet, is this fact truly reflected in how we prioritize threats? Do we expend national resource commensurate with this reality? I think not.

How could we when it is already becoming clear how challenged we are to even agree on what reality is in the first place. But then, as it always is, in whose best interest is it to have such agreement, or not. Just as you might ask whose interest is served in our current distribution of priorities. In that context even a shitty business man is better than a liberal, or a socialist, whatever their gender might be.

What's Killing Americans? Guns, Cars and Drugs