Friday, January 1, 2016

Doing More of the Same Will Do What?

Reinvention. It not only has a fairly good ring to it, it is distinctly American. Famous people have been doing it, as well as major corporations, for a long time now.

Keeping that in mind you really need to ask yourself this one simple question. Doing more of the same is what got us here in the first place  Why then is there any need to make America great again?

The fact of the matter is that it is long past time to reinvent how this nation operates. From the ground up, real, comprehensive reinvention. And in that context you don't use a Model T economic operating system to run an information matrix environment; an environment where holistic integration, and complexity management are the facts of life.

The idiots you see on the right here have been selling you on simplistic certainty. Neat, resonating little audio-visual bits of blather that are the hallmark of good sloganeering. They don't commit the pitchman to much of anything concrete so that nothing of substance can actually be expected of them. Is it any wonder then that the only thing that changes is the degree to which things have gotten worse. Even when there are more jobs, and bit more money so spend on needs, or distractions, the list of what hasn't been paid for yet grows. And the final currency of payment will be denominated in pain as opposed to abstract counters.

As we start the last half of the Y2K teens let us reflect upon what must really happen if America is to lead the globe back to a better way of living. This will be something that cannot be sugar coated, or spun with diverting generalities. It will require sacrifice, difficult times, and a great deal of hard work. The alternative, however, is so far beyond imagining, in terms of pain and suffering, that one delves into it with no small amount of risk. We still have the choice to make, but even that will be taken from us eventually.