Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A Juxtaposition You won't Ask the Right Questions About

The screen print you see below was taken from in their Tech section.

On the one hand you will shake your head and feel disgust that child exploitation still exists in the tech world, even though you still look for the best battery at the cheapest price. And on the other hand you will worry about whether you'll be replaced soon by automation.

Continuing, in the former instance you might question whether you've been careful enough about who's battery dependent product you've been selecting, and in the latter you would certainly be likely to be questioning your ability to find a new employable skill that you could learn, let alone to be able to tolerate.

In nether case,however, will you question the operating system that presents us with such absurd contrasts in the first place. And therein lies one of the truths we are especially loath to take responsibility for.

Think about this. Slave labor (whatever the age), or Robots? This keeps happening for a reason. Global competition will increase ever more rapidly, just as our knowledge, and thus our ability to do things will increase. The pressure to provide the better object or service for the best price will follow just as sure as stink follows shit. And the bottom line will be ever more devoid of any kind of human need or consideration.

Perhaps the robots will toil on without us, going through the motions of using things so that more can be made, and so continue the madness until entropy finally wins out.