Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Here's a (perhaps) Not so Stealthy Attack on a Domestic Threat

The Arms Industry is not only a major profit center, it is the focus of it's own theater of conflict. The Northrup-Grumman company won the new long range bomber contract last year, but the Boeing-Lockeed Martin team filed a protest on that decision. And the matter is apparently still being fought over.

I bring this up now not because I think the Boeing partnership has the better bomber, but to emphasize a question I always have when it comes to matters of national security. At the end of the day what really decides what is best for our national security? What interests are involved in not only deciding what the priorities should be in addressing national security, but what constitutes the best bang for the buck in addressing each priority? Is it purely an objective look at the facts of the various situations and options? Or is it simply who has the most clout with the political and military leadership?

Perhaps it is some combination of the above but I can't help but be suspicious of just how much of the ratio is weighted towards clout, and the money that buys that clout.

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