Thursday, January 7, 2016

You Think the Skies are Crowded Now? Just Wait for the Autonomous Air Uber Company

Two developments posted on portend to skies abuzz with more than just camera drones.
Behold below the (respectively) new LiquidPiston Inc rotary engine (boasting a amazing 75% thermal efficiency), rated at 40 bph, and below that the Autonomous Arial Vehicle being developed in China by  Ehang

The LiquidPiston X2 rotary engine boasts a thermal efficiency of 75 percent
See it here.

The human-totin' Ehang 184 AAV at CES
See it here.

You combine the power to weight ratio of that engine with an A.A.V. like the 184 and you will have an air platform that will be able to lift you and your luggage automatically to anywhere within a 100 to 200 mile radius; and all you will have to do is click your phone app to make it land near where you need it.

You don't see it now but FAA officials are experiencing horrendous apocalyptic mental fits in anticipation of figuring out how to keep our air space from becoming one giant kill zone.