Saturday, January 30, 2016

What the Fuck is the difference where the secrets are kept?

If Snowden taught us anything it is that secrets aren't completely safe no matter where you put them. He got his from the NSA for christ sakes. No, the real issue, or should I say issues, are firstly the assumption of privileged ownership the powerful seem to bestow upon themselves, and secondly the right to make the priorities that lay behind the making of secrets in the first place.

Hillary, in my view, had them on her server because of the agorgence inherent in the powerful. She was in charge, They were hers to do what she pleased with them. Just as it is the right of all of them to create more of whatever kind or nature that they deem necessary. We are kept as children for a reason after all. Not only does it make it easier to say "you couldn't handle the truth," it makes it a self fulfilling logic go round that only they can be the adults in the room; able and willing to do what needs to be done.

When you hear them talk about secrets you ought to always ask: is this kept from everyone to avoid real damage to the people and property of America, or are they simply embarrassments the powerful want to avoid? Do they hide the arrangements between "Big Money" and what it holds as a high priority, and our political leadership? Are their strategies of action that, if known by enemies would put service persons in jeopardy, but for which the action benefits mostly the profit centers of Big Money? Actions which, if we had any say in from the get go, wouldn't have been contemplated in the first place, much less considered as a priority?

The world is going to hell in a limo they sit in the back of. We are given the illusion of being at the drivers seat of this limo, but it is no more than a toy steering wheel one would place on a child's car seat. The fact of the matter is that no one is really steering the limo. The powerful fight at the controls of the automated steering system; which is itself deeply flawed in any case. And the limo careens about, crashing into this, and crushing over that, on its way to a fiery end. And isn't it ever so reassuring that they worry about where to keep this and other "secrets?"

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