Monday, January 4, 2016

It's Time for Product Madness! The fun show where we spitball open source products from the hip and see what sticks to the bathroom wall of crazy profit.

First up is the Penis Cozy. Basically a strap on dildo for guys that's also a faux vagina on the inside. What you would have then is both a girth enhancer for the girth challenged that would also give hand grip fit whether or not your partner was young, and/or diligent, in kagel exercising. Could you sell a better win-win for the orgasm focused crowd?

I should add that this ought to be sold by a company called Wad Master. They would be a diversified product firm that would also sell gun mags; the top of the line being the Supremo; a clip best described as a fifty gallon drum on pneumatic tires, with the weapon swivel mounted on top. The super sized warranty package, of course, would include a Hispanic immigrant to do the reloading for you, as well as discounted long term financing for the bulk order ammo replacement. Melting barrel insurance would also be available for those in the Platinum Shaft club.

Wad Master will also seek to gain an advanced position in genetic engineering, as one might expect. The interesting thing here, though, will be the emphasis on first increasing not only the size of the male semen reservoir, but of also increasing replenishment rates as well. They are also rumored to be seeking the ability to allow for selectable replacements for sperm, with various hypnotic, euphoric and stimulant molecules that might be absorbable through the vagina. No word yet on whether any automatic vagina counter measures will be developed as well. Stay tuned though. No telling how far this profit center will take us.