Tuesday, January 5, 2016

We Want More Land to Make Money on, And We Don't Want to Pay Any Taxes.

In this standoff do we see a fundamental aspect of the extreme right; they see every aspect of nature as simply another feed stock of enterprise. Letting land, and the life that thrives on it, be is a sin to them precisely because they think of it only as untapped resource going to waste.

The ignorance involved here in not being able to understand the fact that life requires a rich tapestry of many different species threads in order for any of it to hold together, and  survive, is just astounding. Corresponding to the ignorance involved with not appreciating how important that tapestry is to not only our survival, but to our sanity as well. A fact that we will begin to understand a great deal more clearly as we colonize our stellar system; as, without that fabric of life around us, none of our habitats will prosper properly at all. People might barely survive, but not without great cost to their spirit, or Psyche.

The interesting aspect that will be at work here is to what degree any of the remaining presidential candidates will pander to this extremist flaunting of the law. My prediction is that a few will have to or lose whatever credibility they have with their extremist base.

Oregon Standoff: Armed Protesters, Political Reaction and #YallQaeda