Thursday, December 31, 2015

And Push Comes to Shove for New Cascade Events

And in that context you have to ask the question: How do we prepare for second, third, or even fourth and beyond, follow on events that span continents?

Heart breaking as the immediate effects of hunger and homelessness will be, how do prioritize response planning for systematic collateral effects? How do we incentivize both the political and private sector elites to make the hard decisions now that will put in place substantive resources to act across very wide geographical boundaries, within contingencies that may well strain even the most imaginative among us?

You need only look at how California has responded to the recent methane gas disaster to see how officialdom becomes a tragic farce of who can run from responsibility the fastest; with everyone understanding the bottom line notion that, if you move to take charge in fixing it, you end up owning it. A situation that will be even more farcical (if that is even possible) within the sweeps weeks presentation of a Presidential election on our favorite reality TV show: National Government.

And perhaps most depressing of all will be the fact that what we do will be limited mostly by considerations of the counters it will require to make it happen, as well as from who those counters will be taken from. Billions of same will be spent eagerly on election advertising, along with the usual commodities of distraction, while any few millions attempted to be pulled from these grasping hands will be met with great howls of pain and cries of injustice.

If any of this still makes any sense to you then I, for one, can only conclude that you are well and truly a "Trump Chump." And I can only hope that you survive the rude awakening you have fast approaching off the starboard bow.

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