Saturday, December 5, 2015

Giving Women Comics more Attention

This piece from Vice about how hard it is for women comics to slog through the trenches of comedy club showbusiness is telling, and I recommend giving it a read. The situation is not right given how good women are in comedy. The question, however, then becomes what ought to be done about it.

On the one hand there is no doubt that their male counterparts ought to be more giving in mutual praise, and sharing of the mike. It is a tremendously competitive business, though, with the emphasis on the business part, and so money, as well as the who and how of promotion has to be a part of the picture. Which then begs the question of why the women who have made it big aren't doing more to help their sisters still fighting for a place in those same trenches? If there's a male comedian doing a special featuring his perspective on the best, why aren't there matching specials, at the club level, as well as in the major media venues, doing the same for the best women?