Monday, December 14, 2015

Crediting Another very Creative Person

I simply have to do a "hats off" gesture of praise to Matt Haughey for his brilliant series of GOP luminaries holding dildo pictures.

In one sense he's right in admitting that it's at least a little juvenile, but in another I think the metaphor is quite fitting (all puns intended). And I also don't think that it is pointless. Satire may not be better than taking real action to bring about change, but it does at least remind us of the absurdity of a great many cherished beliefs. You only have to think about Charlton Heston holding up a big, black, man toy and declaring "'ll have to take it from my cold dead hands..." to understand this.

In any case, though, I did have to indulge myself in applying a caption to one of Mr. Haughey's pictures. My only concern about this metaphor being the possibility of giving dildos a bad connotation. Perhaps Mr. Haughey's next step should be have these luminaries holding duoche bags, but then, the same thing would still apply.

Which one is the bigger dildo?

The one thing you would have to wonder about here is whether, if he were holding such an example of a man toy, that he'd be smiling like that because, in his mind, his own junk was at least as big.