Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Only Way

The only way, long term, to save the planet is to take money, and the economic model that it supports, out of the equation.

Livelihoods based on the consumption of mass production is simply not sustainable. Any more than greed, or the profit motive, can be relied on to work in the best interests of the planet, or the greater good of humanity.

This treaty may, or may not, be better than nothing, but it will certainly fall short no matter how diligently a majority of the participants attempt to adhere to its intent. This is so because far too little of the other global power has signed on to it, or would even think to sign on. That other power, of course, being "Big Money" world wide.

Climate Deal Analysis: The Good, the Bad, the Still Unknown

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One target for limiting global warming — "1.5 DEGREES" — is projected on the Eiffel Tower on Friday as part of the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris.

The historic agreement calls for "deep reductions in global emissions." But how deep will those reductions be — and how soon, and who's paying for it?

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