Thursday, December 3, 2015

We All have Shit for Brains now, the Only Difference is in What Constitutes the Mix we Each Have

As always, there is more than just a couple of things going on, out and about the info-sphere, now. It bends credulity, human comprehension, or any sense of sanity. And if you are a Warrior of the heart, with all feelings on line, and wanting to remain caring, and hopeful, it can be hard slog indeed.

It doesn't help when you are blessed, or cursed, (depending on whether your head is on an up, or down cycle), with always seeing things juxtaposed; a huge, 360 degree fishbowl of juxtaposed imagination, reality, cruelty, sacrifice, horror and beauty.

You grow up in this mesmatronic info-sphere there is no way now that you can avoid having, what is at least a significant portion of what you hold in your head as normal, being shit of one form or another.

Exhibit A:

Behold, if you will, the manner in which the mavens of message believe is the only way they can talk to us about actual shit:

And believe it or not, this is part of an actual video ad you can see when viewing YouTube videos. The product is called SquattyPotty, and the idea is to have a sort of foot stool thing to put you into a more squat like position to pass bowel more easily; which, in and of itself, is probably a good idea, however well the product might deliver such aid.

What you are seeing here is a magical unicorn pooping ice cream cones that a princely sort of fellow assures us clean and tasty. All so that we can be comfortable, I suppose, with talking about poop in the first place.

Now go to Exhibit B:

This is actually Trump doing an old refrain. Another version of "The Chicago Way," as Sean Connery describes to Kevin Costner in "Capone," or as an overweight Marlon Brando explains to Martin Sheen in "Apocalypse Now," via that description of a certain cadre of men; coldly rational men willing to do whatever it takes to find what is essentially the whole point of "The Heart of Darkness."

Exhibit C:

I present these headlines of the latest shooting only in as much as it represents how rage feeds on itself. I feel obliged, however, to also remind you that nothing that I am advocating will eliminate rage. The human capacity for it is something that is going to be with us, to one degree or another, for as long as we exist. What we do to lessen its occurrence is, of course, another matter altogether, and I hasten to add that this will necessarily involve the choices we make both as individuals, as well as the choices we make collectively.

And I leave you with this last bit of very creative imagination. It is a short bit of speculative fiction in video form that presents a quite chilling view of where connecting to the info-sphere may take us; especially if we hand the keys to our minds to those who use that link for their own purposes. This is a video that everyone should see and do some serious thinking about.

A Sci-Fi Short Film HD: "UNCANNY VALLEY" - by 3dar

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