Saturday, June 9, 2018

When You Live By Market Mentality

This is as close as you are going to get to "Informed," as that relates to the notion of informed choice,  as that relates to the only area of choice our supposed betters would prefer us to have, which is, certainly, the choice of which brand of BS we would like to consume, and believe in.

And since we seem to have become so ill formed of character lately, and therefore so susceptible to suggestion, especially as its practiced now as Recombative Mega Message, in the electro-photonic age (the "Age Of The Absurdity Of Growing Up"), this sort of thing seems to work very well indeed. It must or there wouldn't be so much money involved in either utilizing, or advancing its capabilities.

Don't worry. Just drink the expensively packaged kool-aid and let the hot burn of something wonderfully addictive ease all of your troubles away. Soon they'll have to give the 4K TVs away, as well as the big data link connection. Just small lost leaders to make sure you are channeled in the first place, I can assure you. Channeled to the right pipeline to your brain. The rest will just be software that other software will end up writing. And then we'll roll the dice to see what emerges.

Assuming the planet doesn't shuck us off first of course.

Behind the misleading claims fueling America's bourbon boom

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@thebradfordfile has been cited as evidence of the rise of the alt-right, but its popularity is faked through power-engagement groups and networks of sockpuppets.


The machine age is changing the nature of work. In the process, it is also transforming buildings, and making them less hospitable for human use.


Andy Harraz is one of the "IRL streamers" of YouTube, people who take money in exchange for letting their audience say anything through speakers aimed at unsuspecting people.


Don't work for these companies. Unless you're planning to become CEO. But even then, probably bad karma.

[Post Note: It just amazes me how people can take political info from some people as if it were the gospel, totally unsuborned truth, even as these hucksters sell them on all manner of personally branded BS for their personal gain. Using, of course, their controversial personas to create branding notoriety in the first place. Gosh oh golly. What a wonderful way to get rich. Spew whatever extreme nonsense you can cook up in a feverishly perverse, conspiratorial nature, and then rake in the cash. And to hell with the collateral damage you do to the rest of the nation. And why should they care when they can live so well before the end finally comes. Now there's long range thinking for you. J.V.]

Since skincare is typically considered a vain enterprise for women, it might come as a surprise that the extremely macho Alex Jones sells his own. But interest in skincare is booming, with projections that it'll grow to a $135 billion industry by 2021.



As long as humans are sensible when they create the operating programs, robots will bring enormous benefits to humanity.



The Obama-era rule made financial advisers working with retirement accounts put clients' interests first.

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