Tuesday, June 26, 2018

In Today's Highly Interconnected World

Even in just an economic sense, of everything affects everything else, any fool can see that throwing a rock into a pond creates, perhaps many, expanding waves of outgoing effect, throughout everything else. Especially if the rock is as big as our purchasing goes; and what we decide to do in regards to those we do the purchasing from.

So whether you believe all boats are rising right now, or not, and equitably so, or not, those waves of effect are probably still going to be non equal opportunity operators as far as who gets swamped is concerned. At least at first. Swamp enough of the small boats, though, and maybe you lose too many purchasers altogether. And then things can start to get way too destructively equal (remember, all those small boat purchasers are carrying a lot of debt they are just barely able to service now as it is).

This being the case, how hard is it to see that, at this point, it really doesn't matter if he was sincere in his promises or not. It really doesn't matter if you believed in him or not. What does matter is that he is simply out of his depth here. Painfully, deeply, and oh so destructively. And the really odd thing is that the Right could have kept boat loads of legitimacy here simply by understanding, and acting, on that irrefutable conclusion.

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