Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The Real Problem Here Is That It Is Not Just One Addiction, To One Particular Drug

That's because electrified Capitalism has commodified all aspects of addiction; everything from making it to fighting it so that there can be increasing profit going full circle around a bad kind of self sustaining loop. So that anything, and everything, is subject to over amplification, down content paths that fuel the fantasies of the basest of our base aspects. Because that has always worked. And now we have vast new kinds of instrumentality with which to work both physical reality, and fantasy reality.

This. This is what you really get now when you ask what is "Business As Usual?"


As employers add jobs at a furious pace a decade after the 2008 financial crisis, the workforce participation rate still hasn't recovered. And now researchers think they know one reason why: the opioid crisis.

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[Post Note: And then you have the problem of some of our new instrumentality actually threatening to do all of our thinking for us. And boy, didn't that just turn out great for the humans in the Matrix, because they had to suffer through having "The One" six times before Neo 6.0 came out. And even then, it may well have been the "Oracle" who kept them in the game. J.V.]

New IBM robot holds its own in a debate with a human

[Post Note: This is also what you get when the Commoditization of Everything is also part of "Business As Usual." J.V.]


OneTaste is pushing its sexuality wellness education toward the mainstream. Some former members say it pushed them into sexual servitude and five-figure debts.

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