Saturday, June 2, 2018

Keeping Something Going That Should Have Died Some Time Ago

Sound familiar?

It should. It is what we've been doing with Capitalism for at least fifty years now; now that electrons and photons moved in the right way can get anyone more and more of anything they want. Regardless of what that might do to the rest of us.

It is also interesting that Capitalism got so good, a while back, at doing the very same thing to those new developments that showed promise; the ones that threatened to do what made the technologies depicted here become so obviously not worth the bad effects they create; because the new ones didn't have that old bagage of bad effect. Market competition being the chaotic thing it is, though, you do get things leaking through from time to time. Leaked through and put forth out of your control. You can see where people who put a lot of counters into the old way of doing things might have an incentive to resist such change.

And now we have an expert at Demented Clown Car driving helping out the poor folks who got stuck with very troublesome tech.

Poor dears. Making all of that money only to have it taken it away from them? Can you imagine how thankful they'd be if a special kind of champion were there to take up their cause? As opposed, of course, to taking up the cause of the rest of us, because, though we might be grateful as all heck, we just aren't going to be able to show our affection to nearly the degree as the poor dears who have most of the counters already. I mean, all they want to do is simply keep making a lot more after all. Is that really so bad? Once you get to really know them?

Trump energy plan would prop up failing coal and nuclear plants

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[Post Note: And let us also remember that this abuse of waste is just as unacceptable as making the starving amongst our own species swallow the idea that it is more practical to let food rot than pay the cost of getting it to people who need it; any more than it's easy to swallow the fact that the information that would allow a lot of people to feed themselves is also a commodity, for which a profit must be made. J.V.]

Dead whale found in Thailand with 17 pounds of plastic in its stomach

[Post Note: Yet another example of how we are gaining new forms of instrumentality on an ever increasing basis. J.V.]

Japanese researchers have managed to graft lab-grown muscles unto a robotic finger, thus making our robotic overlords one step closer to ruling us all in the near future.

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