Friday, June 15, 2018

What Can We Be Sure Of Here?

That a great deal of new turbulence will be pumped into the overall process that is Seattle.

And you have to understand turbulence here as a metaphorical extension of flow over any set of contact points.

For aerospace guys it's only natural to see things in some sense of whether they provide nice, laminar flow over the surface of airframes, along all sorts of challenging surface, and shape, demands to balance one of the many needs, to keep this thing flying, but to do that and also do it as smoothly as possible. Because if you don't do it as smoothly as you can, you create the much feared devil vortices; swirling, not helpful air flows at all, kinds of robbers of efficiency, and creators of possible vibrations, or further surface control instabilities, that then can create a whole new set of issues, long term, for this supposed to be, really high flying system.

The problem with cities, as you might have guessed, is that they are vast complexes of process flow channels. All of the task flows, interacting dynamically (one would hope), all the time, so that all of what powers, and feeds, and provides interactive space for, can happen. Something you can appreciate a great deal more, of course, if you play simulation games like SimCity, Cities: Skyline, the Anno XXXX series, the Civilization series, and so on for quite some time if you browse just Steam for this sort of thing.

My point here is this: Electrofied Capitalism is not set up to allow for the kinds of systems integration that putting new interactive processes into play must have. What else would you expect from the let's keep "disrupting" things crowd. As well as the crowd who sees little profit in "sharing" in the first place, and therefore little incentive to even think about wanting to coordinate with City leaders, much less ask them how, in the real sense of stake hold players, who ought to have a say, what you might want to do, might affect them. Because of course you know it will affect them but that's just not your problem. And even if you did ask them you wouldn't be able to do what they would want, given what they'd probably want to ask for, in the silly notion of wanting it to happen in a more sane way. Because you've already worked the numbers and the only way it works, at least for you, is to get in quick; make a big splash that will go viral popularity wise; and it only needs to do that for a few quarters; and then you sell it out to whatever buyer who comes along, so that you can do the same thing again, only with some other form of disruption. Some place else. And the collateral damage becomes a tax that only working people have to pay, for the most part.

This can no longer work for what cities, or any viable living community, have become, and that is, as already stated, very complexly inter related human systems. Systems that demand careful systems integration. Just ask the Navy Captain who might be commanding an aircraft carrier. Because that, boys and girls is what both an aircraft carrier, and a city are now: big, sometimes floating, complex, amalgams of very different people, who made the choice to come live, and work, in a coordinating system for mutual, overall, benefit. That is what cities are now in the electro-photonic age of new instrumentality. And of course that is what aircraft carriers had to become, floating cities of very highly trained individuals, working together in a bewilderingly fast changing, techno-ized, world.

A world that is also way too overcharged now with so many dangerous competitions. Because the old system still thinks we're playing the old game of "the economics of scarcity." When we do not have to play that game at all anymore if we do not wish to. Recognizing, however, that to do that we must cooperate with each other like never before. Find a way to do that so that we can balance both the rights and the responsibilities, of both the individual, and the group as a whole.

It can be done but you must make the demand for it to happen. And you must be directly involved, within your community, to see it be defined, and carried out. You must do this because you will be the one who ends up sharing the ownership of it all. You and your neighbors.

Otherwise the turbulence will grow and soon, it will be more than semi-useless bikes laying in ruin in the ruined streets.


Residents are divided over whether the city's dockless bike share program is revolutionizing transit — or creating an unwieldy, dangerous mess.

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[Poste Note: Water, of course, has its own turbulence issues. As it can't be compressed, though, even at the tiniest of scales of water molecule groupings, if there are sudden changes in flow, pressure fluctuations, and phase changes to a gas, and back, can cause explosions that do actual damage, tiny or not. 

One has to wonder here if there are metaphorical commonalities between individual units of water, and whatever kinds of groupings of people you might want to consider. We are, after all, mostly water to begin with, but the key factor here being how you consider what phase change in people might suggest. 

I would like to think that one might consider that in terms of "panicked," or "at ease" or "overstimulated" or "totally Involved." or "enraged," or "suggestively anesthetized, via parameterized algorithm" (as a more sophisticated hypnosis), as such types of phases. You could probably think of a lot more. We are complex after all, so it shouldn't surprise us that we might have quite a number of phases, however you might want to characterize them. It is, in any case, a good exercise for your mind, to try and consider things from another frame of reference. Just sayin. J.V.]

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