Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Nodules Of Metal On The Deep Ocean Sea Beds

Nodules that could start the next gold rush of the 21st century.

And if we don't get a quick handle on negotiating a coordinated, and very careful, way of going about this, with the rest of the world, we will be creating one more, quite huge, and very dangerous competition, with the rest of our fellow travelers on this planet.

Oh, and lest we forget once again, having huge numbers of corporate, and/or state sponsored, players in resource extraction will do, down there, in critical habitat that we know next to nothing about; especially as it relates to all sorts of possible interactions, and circulations, that involve the bottom, and the rest of our deep oceans. All of them down there, jostling and bumping around in mad haste, as only people with a lust for big gain can have.

The thing is, I have posted on this before in connection to building my design for a sea based Hypertube, mass driver, space launching system.

In my view there might be no better way to do both space launch with this system, and provide a means to incentivize a global partnership to do both launching as a world public service, but also do the exploration of the deep sea beds, together, so that we can not only find the nodules in a structured way, we could agree to bring them up in a fashion to not do any more harm to the ecosystems down there; as well as to then share the extraction fair and equitably with all of the participating nations.

If we don't come up with something like this you just know what will eventually happen. It will turn into a gigantic cluster intercourse of a world disaster. And aren't we already dealing with enough those?


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Reigniting exploration of the world's oceans is essential to protecting our natural resources and promoting scientific advancement.

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