Friday, June 15, 2018

Could It Be A Lack Of Meaningful Connections?

Connections that allow all working Americans to feel like they really matter. That the majority of them want to be integrally involved in being a part of what makes their community go. So that they can hold their heads up and say I am part of the solution, and not part of the problem. Because I believe that is basic human nature; a nature that can be leveraged to great affect given the right circumstances, but can also cause a lot of problems if it isn't tended to with the proper balance of structure, stability, and a shared vision on what we're all heading for. A shared vision not easily come by because we have to listen to a lot of different opinions, coming from a lot of different frames of reference. And so compromise by both the majority, and the minority, in however those arbitrary groupings shift about, putting you in one, or the other, at different times, on different issues, come to be.

Take away the commercial, commodity, dynamic, however, and the whole "sell more and more of everything, and do whatever it takes to make the sale, because we have to keep consuming more to provide livelihoods," type of thinking; take that away and you have a whole new ballgame on how you can set things up. Especially if you do it as a complete, employee buyout of the entire productive, private, and public (save for personal dwellings and property), galaxy of process that is the American economy. We buy it out, give fair compensation to those who do not wish to participate in the new Federation of City States, as participating citizens, and then give everybody else the single payer, management system, that will supervise the changeover, as well as referee the negotiations, and ultimate transacting, that the new Federation will engage in to also leverage city to city cooperation; within regions, as well as across the new Federation as a whole.

We can do this. It just takes understanding that it must be done or we are done, to set us on the path of actually doing it.

As always, though, its your call. Your choice. Because it will matter if you think you can choose to sit this one out.


People say they're less satisfied with their lives amid steady growth and falling unemployment.

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[Poste Note: The thing is, meaningful connections cannot stop at an arbitrary border. Nature teaches us this every day. If we want truly meaningful connections here, that also mesh with things that need connecting to elsewhere, we have to realize our larger connection to all life. To understand that you cannot marginalize one group or another and think that no more turbulence will come from it. Not if you also understand things from the longer point of view; and in the longer point of view, certainly, we will need everyone we can get, doing everything they can, to not only provide for themselves, to help us provide for all the mistakes that have been made in the name of commercial, commoditized, progress.

In absolutely no way can we turn from this, hoping it will go away of its own accord; to do that and still expect to have real meaning in our lives. And in that, of course, I mean human centric meaning, where real humans are given a real, informed chance, to make good choices in regards to what should be valuable, in human terms. Valuable as opposed to what chaotic markets, and individual greed, decide it should be.

Again. Your choice. Your Call. J.V.]

What's going on at the border is horrifying, but we can't go numb and turn away.

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