Thursday, March 10, 2016

What It Is and What It Should Be Are What this Guy is Getting Confused On

What all of us have been distracted into being confused on in fact. And why not.

So much of what we swim through via the InfoSphere these days is precisely meant to be entertaining distraction. Even the jobs that occupy most of us now are meant mostly to be cost effective distraction; making, or maintaining, vast bits of whatever so as to be able to continue consuming the final assemblies of what ultimately provides others with the only, really meaningful, output: Net Gain. All the while keeping us ever so fearful of losing even that small place on the collective treadmill to nowhere.

The oxymoron of "Reality TV" is just one of the many contradictions in terms that keep an electrified, commercial/commodity form of social organization going. He may not be totally mesmerized by it yet, but his children (assuming he has any) will soon be.

Arab Billionaire Who Dumped Trump: U.S. Election Isn't Reality TV

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