Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Not the Legal Definition of Inciting a Riot

Is he just too clever to quite cross that line? Or has it been just dumb luck as he gets up on any stage and just starts spouting whatever egotistical B.S. that comes to mind? I have a tendency to lean towards the former, but I find it hard to dismiss the latter altogether.

In any case, though, in the court of public discourse he is guilty as charged. And how could he not be while displaying such obvious glee at throwing out verbal hate bombs, as well as pleas for passion filled thoughtlessness. That's the whole point of his resonant simplification of complex issues with factless nonsense. Be afraid, but don't think too hard on any of it. Just be ready to react and let me be your reactor general. I will lead your reactions to the greater glory of my brand, for in that greatness will America be great again.

The bottom line here may well be this: The really scary thing is that he truly believes that the greatness of his brand will somehow rub off to America in general, and if it doesn't then... well that's simply because of a lack of proper perception of just how great his brand is. That is why all of the ventures he's done that failed didn't do so in his mind because of any failing in him. It was because of a failing in the rest of us to see just how profoundly his brand bestows greatness on anything it touches. And if you have the gall to question any of that beware. He has a true believer army ready to lay the kinds of punches only his suckers know how to land. And god how he must love that now.

Sheriff Mulled If Trump's Conduct at North Carolina Rally Qualified as 'Inciting to Riot'