Sunday, March 20, 2016

An Open Letter to Trump Chumps

I get that there are things going on in this country that you don't understand; not a few of which are troubling not only because of what they might portend for the future, but also for which you see real hurt being done to America in the here and now. And to the degree that this may be real Trump offers rhetoric that seems to address the immediate concerns, as well as to provide answers that also seem to provide clarity to your confusion.

What I don't get, however, is why you would suddenly come to trust someone so intimately involved with how the country is where it is. Let me explain.

His two major theme points seem to be 1: "Let's make America great again." and 2: "We've got to take our country back."

Let's start with the first one. If we need to make America great again the obvious conclusion is that it is not great now. One might argue about in what measure we are no longer great, but let's not worry about that now (you could harken back to that scene from the TV show News Room about why it's not great). Let's accept, for the sake of argument, that American is no longer great. The question then becomes why. Is it because of the influx of immigrants? Is it because we haven't bombed, or otherwise killed, enough of the right people? Or that we don't have nearly enough military power yet (despite spending more than the rest of the main economic powers combined)?

The interesting thing here, however you might answer those questions, is that the people who have been making the decisions that have led us to this point are same people who are part of the top ten percent of this nation; decisions based on what is in their best interests; factors that concern you only in as much as how the effects trickle down to you. And in this, of course, are we talking about "Big Money." So, if America isn't great any more who is actually responsible? And yet you place your trust in one of the members of that group? A guy who inherited a lot of money and hasn't actually done all that well in making the initial fortune any bigger?

Then we come to theme point two, taking our country back, a point I think is related to number one above. Who exactly are we in need of taking it back from? The few protester at your conventions? Do you really believe that they wield any real power in this country? Or are you talking about the two or three percent of Americans that may have come here because things were so desperate for them at home (the cause of which our actions abroad were a big part of)? Do you think they control what goes on here? Do you think they take significant chunks of the job market away from you; especially when most of what they do are the jobs us citizens don't want to do (as in picking crops, mowing lawns or cleaning houses)? Or is it simply that they kill so many of us as acts of terrorism, or at least might if they weren't already so busy taking jobs away from us.  Which then begs the question of how you could be worried about that threat, ridiculously low though it may be, and hardly complain at all about the threat of lead in your drinking water, or pollutants in your air, or even the fact that you have a much greater risk of getting hurt driving to and from work every day; especially now that so much of our road and bridge infrastructure has gone so long without reinvestment and repair (because the rich like the benefits, but hate taking their share of the responsibilities to provide them).

I'll just leave you with one last thought. In every TV show that concerns a crime, or someone doing someone else bad, one of the main fallbacks the good guys resort to on how to catch the perps is this:
"Follow the Money." You don't have all that much and yet you are willing to buy into a guy who has made his living on selling folks one "pig in a poke" after another?. What's wrong with that picture? Even you folks should be able to figure that one out.

Protester Punched, Kicked at Donald Trump Rally in Arizona

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