Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Statistical Data on Earnings Before Interest, Tax, Depreciation, and Amortisation

This sort of thing can have a tendency to either make your eyes glaze over, your head spin, or combinations of both, but it is important if you want to understand how industries and services of various types fare in terms of both how profitable they are, as well as how much of those profits get hit by taxes. It is also important to remember that these snapshots are both a bit arbitrary, as this is merely what the sectors have reported (keeping in mind how susceptible to accounting slide of hand they can be), as well as being only a small sampling time frame.

Given all of that, however, what you see here is not only how lopsided sector profitability has been, but also how unequal the tax burden gets spread out by sector. What would really be interesting here would be much larger time frames and then correlations to other factors; such as campaign spending and lobbying spending.

This kind of data might also add an interesting contrast to the controversy over the shameful state of low income housing in this country; especially if you take note of the top line performer indicated below.

Ranking America’s industries by profitability and tax rate