Sunday, March 13, 2016

Let Us Seek a Bit of Contrast Here

Isn't it interesting how quickly we forget when the protest shoe was on another foot, trying to disrupt things. It was only a few years ago you know when Tea Party "activists" were disrupting town hall meetings all over the country. Only then, of course, the idea was to stop any kind of open discussion at all; as opposed to now where the "Master of Chumps" seeks anything but open discussion.

His message is simply "yes, be fearful. I know so many things confuse you. That's why I utter nothing but either simplistic blather, or simplistic lies, that are guaranteed not to upset your comfortable cocoon of ignorance. Those fact mongers outside the gates of certainty want only to confuse you more. Of course your're frightened. I want you to be frightened because a strong man authoritarian leader can't crack down on the freedoms you take for granted otherwise.

You lot might want to take a moment, however, to consider this surrender you're contemplating here. The next time you want to go all Tea Party on notions you don't like you may find that, once the logic of absolute authority is accepted, you won't have the opportunity to even consider throwing tea, or sabots, or whatever, into the workings of power. And the Chump Card you're carrying now will be seen for what it always was; a ticket to far worse than what frightens you now

Trump Calls for Arrests After Protesters Disrupt Kansas City Speech

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Members of the audience argue before a town hall forum on the health care overhaul hosted by Rep. Jim Moran, D-Va., and former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean, in Reston, Va., on Aug. 25, 2009.