Thursday, March 31, 2016

Making Voting Choices With a Figurative Gun Held to Your Head

One more thing today on the presidential elections: How is one to respond to the notion that, if you don't vote for anybody but Trump, you are more than just partially responsible for the results of whatever falls out of his winning?

This is a meme that (see recent Bill Maher "Real Time" comments) gets a lot of air play. An expression that gets very close to "too fucking bad if you have to hold your nose on choosing one of the others." Sitting this one out because you don't see any of them really changing things that much for the better isn't an option. Better things stay only as bad as they are now, or get worse a lot slower, than the poop hitting the fan on a turbo charger. Sentiments that you can understand, and perhaps even sympathize with, but should that really be how a Democracy is supposed to function?

I for one disagree. Everyone of us is given the right to choose. If I choose to not vote for any of the above it's because I don't want to take active responsibility for accepting bad choices. If others choose to vote for one or another of those bad choices than they are responsible for what comes of that. And if that comes to be economic or political disaster than so be it. My vote isn't supposed to be a counter action to other people's supposed stupidity after all.

It's time to grow up children. Disaster is coming. Whether Hillary, or Sanders or that orange faced freak, are in office or not. We are not addressing issues that are killing us and the planet, and the current political/economic operating system we have in place bares a major responsibility for that. And the fact of the matter is that all of these people think that all can be made better by sticking with that system, which is denial that simply goes beyond the absurd.

The real issue here is that, at some point, the majority of us need to stop playing this insane game at all aspects of its function; the work, the consumption and the voting for bad choices. That's what you call going on strike to make the power holders know we really are "mad as hell and we won't take anymore."

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