Saturday, March 5, 2016

Wasting Money While We Waste Lives

This sort of enlightenment quite often carries a cost all its own. Wasting money wasting lives. Trying to consider which is more horrible, that we think about the money at all in this grand enterprise of laying waste in the first place, or that the two, taken together, form a macabre kind of symmetry that is far too terribly compelling; can tend to take your sanity away. Maybe only briefly, whereupon the reflexive numbness of shutting down the feeling processor in your mind, like a circuit breaker, kicks in (or should I say kicks out), and you can put it aside in a silent bow to overwhelming externals for which your mind cannot even begin to come to terms with. Or maybe not so briefly, where the anger finally overrides the usual circuit breakers and you start to stoke a singularity of rage that may never ever let you escape from it. The kind of rage that can push you into extremes you would never have thought yourself capable of .

That there might also be a loving, as well as thoughtful, way to respond to this might not be as obvious. It is the same response that takes in the news that slavery is still making huge amounts of money with a firm resolve to finally take responsibility for allowing the absurdity that we call our current economic operating system to continue, and to vow to work with your neighbors to find a way to stop playing by its rules.

In this, of course, is the assumption that it is those rules that make such horrific contradictions of a thoughtful, loving life in the first place. It is entirely possible that those rules are not responsible for all of the contradictions, but it is my contention that they bear a majority of the burden for making them possible at all. And in that you must inform yourself to best of your abilities and come to your own conclusions. Something for which I have a good deal of faith on what the outcome will be.

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