Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Speaking About the Environment We Will Change in: It's Actually Half Past Later Than We Think

As horrible, and tragic, as the new terror attacks in Brussels are, the fact that the fear newly generated from it will likely keep priorities from where they should be is perhaps an even greater tragedy. And already do we see other headlines quoting world leaders declaring their intent to hunt the perpetrators down.

I have already posted on what one can expect from wars of ever cycling retribution. The fact that escapes our attention here is that it is the collateral damage of previous such efforts that ensures a never ending supply of enemies to keep the process going. And at the end of the day, as we strain every more forcefully to grasp at the throats of our enemies, we will all find ourselves drowning in the planetary chaos we have been continuously been in denial of.

"Peace at last" the planet will say. "Glory hallelujah, peace at last."


An abrupt climate shift could lead to sea levels high enough to begin drowning coastal cities later this century, new research suggests, renewing a roiling debate.