Sunday, January 18, 2015

What Drivel

I guess the main take away here is: What else would you expect from a former member of Clinton's administration.

We need a revolution alright. A revolution in new thinking about how to do social organization in the age of applied information.

What we absolutely do not need is another set of clowns to act their part in the circus we currently call government.

As I have stated many times before, Capitalism is obsolete precisely becomes of applied information. Human skill as commodity in this context is an absurdity. And now that electric information systems have made money and information the same thing, Democracy has been made just as absurd, as information cannot move freely at all any more under the constraints of "net gain."

There is a way to set things up so that we not only govern ourselves, we take full responsibility for the how and what underlying the production of material needs. To start talking about that possibility we first need to accept the obvious. The current operating model doesn't work anymore; just as the original Windows operating system wouldn't work with today's networks and processors. 

It's time to start over and design something new. Something a good deal more beneficial to both the individual, and society as a whole.


It's time for a revolution: Bankrupt policies, historic losses call for new generation of leaders