Sunday, January 18, 2015

Climate Change, Extinctions Signal Earth in Danger Zone: Study

In case you haven't been paying attention the link below is provided as a needed slap in the face.

Not only must we recognize that we have to be in "Crises Triage Mode" now, we must also recognize that Capitalism is not, in virtually any way you might want to consider, up to the task of both accepting this reality, or properly prioritizing to begin the needed steps to address it.

Not only is it burdened with the "costs versus profits" mentality, it is also way too weighted in favor of the individual entity, whether that be in the corporate sense of citizen, or the more traditional sense. That, and the ability of such singular points of interest to collect vast accumulations of translation counters, gives them an inordinate amount of potential system wide affect. The ability to initiate the mass movement of people and material to tasks of their choosing, however counter productive to other priorities that movement might be. And even if the majority seeks to curb this behavior, their accumulations, as well as the leverage on livelihoods this translative power insures, can thwart the will of the majority in so many ways; where bending the truth, and/or, indirect economic blackmail, are only a few.

If we were in charge of governing ourselves, as well as responsible for the production of material needs, we could forge a sense of priorities based a great deal more on the will of the majority. It wouldn't be easy to say the least, and it would certainly be argumentative; coming to terms with being directly involved with cooperating with each other, as well as groups of other City States. But the real opportunity would be there to do so a great deal more than it is now.

I urge you to think seriously about this. Whether you are a business person, worker, academic, or part of existing government. Given the direction of how things are going now, do you really believe this system is capable of handling all of the difficulties that are coming? Capable of forging a viable shared vision of what is important in the first place, let alone how to achieve it?

There's a lot riding on this. Doing nothing is just not an option.
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Climate Change, Extinctions Signal Earth in Danger Zone: Study