Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Facile Acceptance of Absurd choices


There are some very good comments that appear after this article (linked below) about how the declaration at the base of this article is absurd. You need to do more than pay attention to them however, you need to get angry. What we have here is another example of how the answers assume a question that automatically close off your options. As the authors state:

"...There are only three options. The first is to simply accept that we are going to be poor in retirement. The second is to save more while working, which means spending less today. The third is to work longer, which means fewer years in retirement. Those are our only options..."

The assumption here, of course, is that there is no alternative to the very thing that causes these absurd choices in the first place; namely coming to the very sensible conclusion that Capitalism is well past its use by date.

You need only to provide yourself a small bit of context to see just one aspect of the absurdity of asserting that our only options are to continue being wage slaves on an economic treadmill that is no longer intended to get you anywhere but in the same position of servitude.

Consider this. At one time, the idea of reducing the numbers of skill (as a commodity) expressers was on the same level of capitalistic normality as the government buying up surplus amounts of farm, or even manufacturing, commodities; the sound theory being that, if you have too many, each becomes worth less. 

What is remarkable in this, however, is that Big Money was able to convince us that we should pay the biggest share of both subsidies. And outrageous as that is, they doubled down on it by using the S.S.I. surplus that was in place for decades as a means to further avoid escaping the tax increases that would have saved us from being behind the eight ball in the first place.
Not to mention the fact that agribusiness as seen to it that their little piece of commodity protection is still in place.

What is especially sad for me, however, is the fact that, in all of these debates of economics, never is there much of any consideration of what work has become; any more than what this treadmill we're on actually supports; this insane edifice of hyper consumption who's only real purpose is to provide net gain of such ugly proportions as to take accumulation into a new realm of obscene. 

If none of this makes you very, very angry indeed you have allowed yourself to become the only walking dead that matters now. And you are eating what is left of our humanity, as well as any sense of a balanced way of life.

This poster child of insanity we call an organizational model must be replaced. Accept that. Organize. Make that change happen.


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