Wednesday, January 7, 2015

For the Walking Dead who go rogue.

The walking dead I refer to here is the loner, brought up on a diet of "Little Murders" (see Jules Feiffer) both literally and figuratively, who finally breaks, and lashes out from whatever inadequate socializing that might remain internalized, to make that horrible play at finally being taken seriously. (please see note on gun ownership below)

Now, to further fuel the one-ups-manship of body count publicity, this rabid beast can upload it in real time to all of the rabid wanna-be's, and whatever niche site of hate on the web there to serve them. The wonder is that this hasn't been done already with an IP camera and a hand held, hot spot device.

I want to be clear here, however. Capitalism is not directly responsible for such acts of violence; the people who perpetrate them are. At the very least, they chose not to get help.

That being said, though, doesn't change the fact that an argument can be made to place a good portion of why we create walking dead in the first place at the feet of this system. It's very nature of disconnection. It's ingrained penchant for instability, as well as this insane desire on the part of Big Money to destroy any semblance of a middle class, or for making the "pulling up" from one's own boot straps such an inhumane process. All of this.

It all adds up to a society obsessed with things, and the means to get them. A society of separated interests that clash on the abstract field of information accumulation; where counters, and the ability to translate counters, become the same thing; and for which must not only horded, but expended only on the grounds of plentiful net gain.


The Internet of Things now has a gun

*Gun Ownership Note:
 For the purposes of full disclosure, I must also add that I would love to possess a Hi-Cap, .45 ACP, carbine. Not for hunting mind you (as should be obvious by the caliber), just for punishing wayward stumps, and non functioning pieces of tech hardware. I cannot indulge myself thereof because of a felony conviction for growing pot way back in 1976 (who knew it would finally be made legal. I moved on to alcohol in the eighties, but don't do anything now, other than coffee, and haven't for more than ten years because of the depression medication).

I know, its a contradiction for a Progressive to want to own firearms.

What can I say. I am a part of the culture that loves to blow sh_t up. Inanimate objects for the most part thankfully and I relieve most of this desire vicariously via video games.

There is, however, a significant Libertarian streak in me, and as such, I would no more make guns completely illegal than I would drugs (who's war is costing far more than it pretends to want to protect us from). Having regulations for background checks, though, ought not be a problem for anyone just to make sure we're clear on where I stand here. I broke the rules and I therefore accept that I don't get to have one. That's the way it should be.