Friday, January 30, 2015

The European Union as Just One More Canary Dying in the Dark Mine of Human Cooperation

This comment was prompted by the Salon article linked below.

For my part he biggest take away here is the further demonstration of what "Supply Side" economics, and markets let loose of all responsibility, have become: Namely a sure fire formula for disaster (as is evidenced by the author's reference to the EU following the Reagan and Thatcher TINA stupidity.

The sad part here, however, is that even if "Demand Side" economics were pursued, the underlying system of employment linked, hyper consumption, would still not be sustainable. The planet won't allow it, and our ever diminishing sanity inside the American inspired "Dream Machine" of hyper marketing, won't allow it either.

The main problem here is that hardly anybody has yet fully comprehended that the alternative Thatcher mistakenly proposed didn't exist, actually does; the problem is that it has to be formed from a complete rethink of our relationship to production and consumption. A rethink that has been required the moment electrified experience retrieval made a mockery of the idea of human skill as commodity. As well as to say how the free flow of information cannot abide the fact that Capitalism turns information into counters of translative power that must be accumulated and used entirely for self interested gain.

The simple fact of the matter is, as I have been saying repeatedly, that social organization in the model of the factory cannot allow for the development of generally capable individuals to work truly integrated solutions to vastly complex, interrelated problems; the kind of problems that multidimensional, complex systems engender. Any more than such segmented groups of interest would allow such individuals to apply such answers even if they had the ability to find them. 

The fact that Europe is at risk of falling back to a semblance of old nationalistic forms of singular self interest only serves to put an exclamation point on power being seen only in terms of the ability to compete in the production/consumption game. And the fact that the Chinese model has been gaining favor, where they demand that only the other guys's markets be completely open, is not only not sustainable for reasons already mentioned, but because it will inevitably lead to war. It cannot be otherwise because it is not only your ability to sell where you want to, but your ability to continually find new feed stock sources to keep the impossible maw of production going, that allows you to survive in the game.

It is insanity. All of it. There is no other way to describe the various flavors of Capitalism now. Absolute insanity. And there is a great deal more than the EU at risk here.

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