Sunday, January 25, 2015

Marshall McLuhan was a Progressive Whether He Knew it or not

The Daily Beast article linked below is a good review of what has been a very slow realization of how perception, cognition, and the major means by which we move and store experience, work form sentience.

The one sad part from my perspective is how this growing new realization has excluded the negative consequences of continuing with a social operating system based on the typographic mindset that followed the development of repeatable type. An operating system whose very organization epitomizes the linear abstraction, and disconnected objectivism that lies at the heart of factory thinking.

The fact of the matter is that we live in an completely new, electrified information environment. One that is quite different than the one that spawned Capitalism. The problem now, though, is that electrification has made for a mutated version of both the old factory system, as well as the idea of complex information matrices. Thus creating the worst of both environments in which we now evolve mentally and socially in. A better formula for insanity I doubt anyone could come up with.

Just another reason why I have been pretty much a broken record on the notion that Capitalism is Obsolete.